. welcome to heaven

'fuck america' - ouma cockitchy 'my brother pissed on washington monument in front of my face like an ocean fucker like me' - ouma cooky 'my brother couldnt shit ever since he was 2 years old what a little cock bitch lmao im gonna euthanize him like how nagito euthanized monaca and the warriors of hopes bitch asses lol LMAO' - ouma coochie oomba loompa 'i really LOVE poop' - ouma cock 'specifically SHUICHIS poop inside the burger king DUMPSTER in DETROIT' - ouma cokckckckckck 'hmmm im gonna fucking make a petition to put down shuichi i2 would get pissed on less if he was dead as fuck lmao' - cooky oopma loompa doo doo poopy scooby doo 'BRpOCK OUMA' - brock ouma 'i just want obamas bald head' - ouma 'i would take a fat fanta SHIT on washington monument' - ouma

Strong hope devours weak hope (the fanfic) written by komaeda izuru chiaki and kokichi and mika and shuichis ghostly hat [alternate name: komaeda hungry hungry himbo hippo moomin tyrone from the backyardigans on nick jr.com in 2004 in universe 709606006060060600606060600 i want to fuck komaeda]

[canon Dangan RONPA deleted scenes]

[ izuru note: graphic design is my passion i am perfect suck my dick]

Hi Im ouma I came up with the plot

Hi im mika and i go uwu


Vore fic vore fic vore fi-

'Hinata-kun, I need to shit really bad, you know, since I'm a baby kata kinnie and also bald' Komaeda yelled as he ran into the bathroom knocking Shuichi over. the bathroom stalls are all full because everyone factkins baby kata. a chorus of pee pee poo poo floods out of each bathroom stall. Releasing the kraken is so beautiful and full of hope. Komaeda proceeds to take a huge fat shit into the sink. It was either that or in Hajimes happy meal.and he knew from experience that hajime was not into scat. Once he was finished he exited the bathroom and upon arriving into the lobby found Hajime Hinata holding two happy meals.'Komaeda, lets go home, I got the food. I made sure to get extra ketchup for you to spread on your ass because I know how much you love to do that.' ' and it's also hot' [he thought to himself]

[izurus point of view: why do i share a body with this fucking freak im going into a dr phil kin shift. Gerard from my chemical romance was right]

As soon as the two returned to their shared love nest, Komaeda immediately ran to the bathroom taking his happy meal with him so he could spread the extra ketchup all over his ass (and also piss on the fries without hajime knowing, maybe he would like it this time). 'Hinata-kun, I am ready to eat.' But Komaeda knew that the happy meal wouldnt be enough. He needed something that could fulfill his insatiable hunger, something hopeful. He looked at Hajime and started to drool thinking of how fucking delicious he looked at that moment. hajime decides he wants to be tiny and izuru goes into a mermaidman kinshift and uses his shrink ray belt on himself

[izurus pov: please let this be another fucking matrix pleasse let mefwake up ai cant take it seritoyisly imat my limmit]

Komaeda noticed how tiny Hajime had gotten and (aside from the fact that he reminded him of fat byakuyas tiny chinpo) suddenlywanted to put him in his gigantic fucking mouth (which wasn't his warm wet hole) (s%op it) (komaeda please devour my little reserve course pathetic hope) (let me crytype)(no izuru)(do not bully hajime)(hahaha reserve course hajime)(stop ittttt) Komaeda put his hand down on the table next to Hajime. 'Hinata-kun! Get on to my hand!' For some fucking reason Hajime complies. Komaeda lifts Hajime towards his mouth, and asks hajime if he can vore him. 'do you have even have a stomach?' hajime asks, but komaeda just gives him a long wet sexy lick before shoving him into his mouth. Hajime moves like a fucking bowling pin. Komaeda suddenly becomes aroused at the feeling of Hajime moving inside of his mouth coated in his thick saliva. "wow hajimmy hineutron... " he moaned. 'Komaeda I love being inside of you. Your mouth is so wet!' Said Hajime sexily. 'Hinata-kun? Can I swallow? And suck my testicles quickly?' Komaeda begged. that is when his inner izuru came out, who was still in a dr phil judge judy kinshift. "No fuck you fuck fuck fuck You are ugly you are disgusting i hate you i am going to kill you give me 200 dollars" Komaeda was taken aback and suddenly became ten times as horny as soon as Hajime called him ugly and disgusting. Hes going to kill him? Oh yes! Komaeda couldnt help but to swallow him. We are malachite now. KOMAHINA FUSION. Hajime whipped out his dick inside of Komaeda and started to wank it, Izuru facepalmed.

[ izuru note :

(right here izuru)

(im coming to your house)

piss kawaii desu. hajime pisses and cums on komaeda stomach lining out of spite NYA

AUTHORS NO(Which one?) [[insert clown emojis here im tired -izu]]

wow piss is so hot NYA

Komaeda felt Hajime piss and cum inside of him and cant help but to cum himself. 'HINATA-KUUUUUUUN!~~~ nya' Komaeda screams in ecstasy. 'Shut up bitch Im not done with you yet.' Hajime growls and whips his dick out again. He grinds himself against Komaedas fursuit which is in his stomach because komaeda likes vo 'i have crabs' re a lot. he bought a fursuit and ate it because it reminded him of gundham. Komaeda is convulsing on the floor as Hajime fucks his fursuit which is just an anthropomorphic foam not even an animal just literal fucking foam what the shit is this i cannot physically breathe. 'I FUCKED YOUR WIFE AND

NOW I AM GOING FUCK YOU.' Hajime screeches. Hajime goes into a

shadow the hedgehog kinshift.

[izuru note: i am shadow in the flesh i hunt doubles for sport]

The vinegar lady sudden came in and asked where she could drink some vinegar and decided to go to the bathroom to pee some out of her grape fanta asshole [shuichi: i cant shit also ouma look at this you cock]. Vinegar lady then found ouma and decided to SQUEEZE the fanta out of her tiddles then demanded tubby custard out of her eye sockets until ouma gave in and then they both drank budweiser mixed with piss and shit and fanta cock until they died of fanta poisoning under a hydraulic press inside of justin beiber’s asshole on jupiter inside of my stomach called the anusverse.

[shuichi: i forgot *dissipates into the poop dimension* i made myself pee colored now your eyes will burn this is what you get for using discord light mode]

Sans burst in through the door.

[komaeda note: thats my 3rd husband]

"Eh ehh eh ehh eh eh eh ehh." He put his bone penis onkomaedas face. "eh eh ehehh eh ehhh" [translator note: "suck it dry." Komaeda blushed. "But Sans-kun, isn't it already dry?" San slapped Komaeda with his bone penis. "Eh ehh eh eh ehh eh ehh." Komaeda sighed. "Sans-kun, I can't. I have HIV/AIDS." Sans looked down at Komaeda in disgust. He picked up Komaeda and vored him whole. Togami then ate his own ass his giant wide fat ass while watching kung fu panda 2 vore on vhs.hajime wants out of komaeda stomach. he bangarang on the sides of stomach lining. "OOGA BOOGA " izuru decided he now wants komaedas shit. Izuru reached through Komaeda's intestines to get his lovely shit. As he searched, he changed. He felt something weird and pulled it out. A shot put ball. He noticed he looked exactly like Rantaro. [scene change: hope's peak library] Izuru, now Rantaro, noticed that he was in a library, of sorts. He pulled open a bookshelf that aappeared…very odd. A camera took a picture of him, causing a flash. He took short steps towards the flash's orgin, and felt something coming up behind him. Soon enough, he felt a heavy force hit the back of his head, before falling to the ground, lifeless. Izurantaro was dead.